S . A . V . E.


  • If you see an animal you are interested in adopting, review the description of the animal to make sure that the animal fits with your particular needs and desires. In most cases, the information on the website is current and gives the information that we have about the particular animal.

  • Complete the foster to adopt application. Please make sure that you give us as much information about yourself as you can. The application needs to be complete in order to help us determine if the animal you have chosen is a good match for your home. 

  • Once the application is submitted you will usually receive an email letting you know if the animal would be a good match for you. Please be aware that there is a chance we may tell you that the animal you are interested in is not a good match and may suggest another animal.

  • Adoption applications are not selected on a first come basis. When we have more than one approved application, our responsibility is to the animal and we will make the match that we believe is best for that animal.

  • In our Foster to Adopt Application Agreement, we require that every animal be spayed/neutered prior to adoption.   This is very important as the overpopulation of dogs and cats in our country is a sad result of too many unplanned litters!

  • If for any reason the match is not as perfect as we all had hoped, the dog or cat must be returned to Kentucky S.A.V.E., not given away or turned in to a shelter. Your signature on our adoption contract is acknowledgement of the contract policies and your agreement to those policies.

  • We recommend a visit to your vet within seven days of adoption. We do believe these dogs to be in good health, but this does not guarantee that we are responsible for any future veterinary cost.

  • At any point after adoption, Kentucky S.A.V.E. has the right to take possession of the animal if the animal is receiving inadequate care, being improperly housed or handled, or if any other contract has been violated. Our only concern is the well being of the animals.

  • Kentucky S.A.V.E. is not responsible for any liability issues, including damages to people or property after you adopt the animal. 

  • Our adoption fees are set to allow us to cover our expenses as well as to help other animals in our program that require additional care. Our fees cover vetting costs, shelter fees, fuel for transport, copying and printing of contracts and paperwork, our website presence, food, boarding, behavioral training and additional medical care. It is important to note that while the animal you adopt may not require all of these things, many other animals in our system do. Thus, any “extra” money from adoption fees goes to help those animals who may require additional care. By adopting from Kentucky S.A.V.E., you are not saving just one life, you are helping to save others as well. After the foster to adopt period, if you decide to adopt, your money will not be refunded as it has gone on to help other animals in need. 


    Adopting a pet is a serious commitment. Kentucky S.A.V.E. strongly encourages anyone thinking about adding a fuzzy member to their family to do their research and be ready for such a commitment.

    We will also be happy to work with you to figure out what kind of pet is best for you and your family. If you enjoy the thought of having a pet in your home but aren’t sure you can make the 10-20 year commitment, consider fostering. Kentucky S.A.V.E. will work directly with you and the prospective adopter, providing individualized attention and support in order to help you find the perfect pet for your family. We provide as much information on each animal’s history, disposition and health as we can gather. We strongly believe that honesty is the best policy. We want each of our animals to find the right home, not just any home. Likewise, we want you to find the pet who best matches your lifestyle and interests.

    All of our dogs go for a foster to adopt trial period for one week.  Once you fill out an application, and that application is approved and you give us a check, cash or credit card deposit for the adoption fee,  you may take the dog to your home to make sure its a perfect fit.  During that week, we call your vet for a reference and do a home visit, where we come and visit with you and the dog in your home to see how everything is going and to answer any questions.  After a period of seven days, you may decide to keep the animal and your payment will be finalized and you will receive your dog's medical records. We believe this process is the best way possible for you to make sure the animal is your forever fur friend, or if another home would be best for that animal.