This is our girl Lola (formerly Kendra) We adopted her a year ago today from Kentucky SAVE and she's been the greatest addition to our family. We have loved every moment with her!! Thank you so much for what you do for these pups. We were so glad to have found her! She's the happiest girl and were lucky she's ours!

Happy Adoption Day!

Pupdate: Floyd (originally Moose) adopted from Kentucky SAVE. He's a happy guy!

We adopted Izzy back in January and he is a wonderful addition to our family. His paperwork says his birthday is April 15th, so we had a little celebration for him 😻 Thanks Kentucky SAVE for our little man!

Talk about a Pupdate!! 4 in 1 lol. Tyson and Lila up front and Dino and Lucy in the back ❤️ all SAVE babies living happily ever after together! Love pupdates like these!!

This big boy is now a year old 💔 💔 (not sure about the exact day) and I can't believe we have had him for 10 months!! He is definitely my little cuddle buddy but he definitely isn't helpful when he wants to sit on my computer while I'm doing homework. He is 77 pounds of clumsy fluff filled love! So happy that we adopted our sweet boy, and of course we love Molly too but this is Ben Ben's day 😍 so thankful for Kentucky save and all of the hard work they do! If anyone has any of Ben's litter mates ( Clara, Amy, Fred, Claude, Felix, Gustav, andNadia),please add me. I would love to get together and let them play!

On February 13th, 2016, our family got the best Valentine's Day present ever - Miss Molly Moo. She is so sweet and sophisticated and funny. Love her tons. She is an angel.

If you would like your Kentucky S.A.V.E. adopted pet included here, please email a picture and little note to 

Pupdate! Freckles was taken in by us shortly after the rescue group started. Here is Freckles in his forever home looking so cute. His mommy says he loves to dig big holes in his back yard! So happy he has himself a great family that loves him.

Bella (previously Rudy) adopted from Kentucky S.A.V.E. still does not believe she is really a dog, lol. Has brought more love and entertainment to our family then we ever imagined

Pupdate! Happy first birthday to Felix (and all his litter mates: Clara, Ben, Amy, Frederic, Gustav, Claude, and Nadia)! He's been a great addition to our family, and we hope for many more years together!

Your Alex, now affectionately known as Barkley has made herself at home. She loves to play and to have all the human's attention. She is thoroughly loved even when she wakes her mommy up at 5:00 am to go out.

This is Lucy (aka Pacifica )adopted last April weighted 8 lbs now over 60. Birthday Feb 17.

Pupdate- A year ago today I adopted Bailey (f/k/a Honey) the most independent, sweetest, playful, hole digging, squirrel chasing, howling, and fence jumping coonhound I have ever met! I am so happy these two are inseparable!

Pupdate! Rocko is doing great in his forever home. He had a lot of potty issues but the family kept working hard and he is doing great now. He was such a snuggle buddy when I fostered him. One sweet boy I will never forget. My heart is so happy for him! <3 Love you always Rocko! ~Kim

Jake was adopted in may 2015. Look at him now!

Pupdate!!! Annie (fka Fiona) isn't she still so adorable!! Thanks for sharing with us

Leroy's first time seeing Santa and he just wanted to share his pic with his foster mom and dad (a.k.a bologna dad).
He was a little cautious but Ruby loved it as usual and convinced him it was ok. Merry Christmas and thanks again for taking care of our boy until he found his home with us!

Bubba is living the life in his new home

We adopted Maverick in June 2016. He is such a sweet boy! He LOVES to play with friends!

Rhys (formerly Hans, Black lab mix) I loves napping on the couch with his fur family.

Pupdate! Ginger was adopted one year ago! What a sweet face!

Mo says help these folks out.....They saved my life!!

Pupdate :) Arya (Previously "Bella") is about 7 months now and we love her to pieces!! She is such a good pup. Thank you!

"52 weeks ago on this day exactly, we had the same 5k to run but we ended up not running it because of this fella; before hand my mom and I decided to get some puppy love at PetsMart and I made an impulse decision to adopt this crazy pup because he looked so depressed in that cage, and we saw him every Saturday we went to PetsMart.... Happy gotcha day to my lovely Sampson, who protects me from every mailman, bird, knock on the door, squirrel there is. Love my Sampson so much. Glad to give you you're forever home and be your mom. 💚"

Adopted from Ky S.A.V.E as Jax. We call her Shadow now. I get the idea she thinks the couch is hers now!
We love her! Thanks Ky S.A.V.E.

Pupdate!!!!! Update from Journey...we have had her for over two years now...she is loved and doing great with her two human brothers and one dog brother! She loves to protect and run all around her 8 acres!

Just wanted to give an update on Homer! He is doing great and slowly but surely becoming more social. His favorite past time is cuddling with his dad and napping with his fur brother Turbo! He is such a sweet fur baby and we love him dearly!

Leo AKA Bennett     62lbs   Nose to Tail 55"
Back height  24"
Age   7 months

Cedric and Luna say happy Pawlidays! They love their forever family <3 <3

Pupdate!! Scout is now Ellie , and she's grown a little bit...

Bo being lazy on international cat day 🐾love my Bo ❤️ —

Fern liked meeting Santa! She told him all about how she loves her forever family, and that she wished other rescue doggies could find a family as nice as hers

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Beckett was adopted 3 yrs ago and is living the good life :) he even gets to ride in boats!

This is Doc our KY save baby. He loves to chase the ball go for walks and play with his brother Dyson. We are so in love. He does need to lose a few lbs. as he is currently weighing in at 90 lbs!

Gaby celebrated her 1st birthday in style and wished her brother Otis a happy day! She's one sweet and spoiled pup ❤️ 🐾 ❤️ 🐾 ❤️ 🐾

Vegas (Gracie) and River Song (Frankie) are enjoying their wonderful purrever home! The girls are almost 2 years old now and very loved!

Oreo is all grown up his now over 2 years old

S . A . V . E.

Penelope is living large and loving life in her forever home!

Otis and Leo (formerly Bennett) ❤️

"Indy (formerly Andy) has been a wonderful addition to our family! He loves romping around the living room with his sister Dixie and cuddling with Mom & Dad. We promise he's been more excited for his first Christmas than the picture shows :)"

Pupdate! Anubis in his furrever home with his fur brother. Anubis was in foster care with me (Kim) for close to a year before his perfect home came along. He loves his home and that is what Rescue is all about!

Thank you so much for giving us the gift of Moxie (Rachael)--she brings so much life to our family and our hearts couldn't be more full

Pupdate!! Lenny is such a handsome young man and we could not be happier that we adopted him. Thanks for all you do!

Here's a pupdate!!! Since it's been awhile.. he's now 5 years old (I adopted him when he was 3.5) his birthday is next month! But he's still happy as ever! We now live in Virginia, he loves going to the beach, and interrogating his sister cat Gemma. He absolutely loves wearing Christmas sweaters, and going for car rides back to Kentucky! He's such a good boy!

"Fergus (previously known as Chip) can't wait for Santa to come for his first Christmas with his new family. He loves to play, snuggle, run around in his backyard and go for rides. We love him so much! 💚 ❤️"

Pupdate on Ivory (now Isla).. we adopted her at 9 weeks, and now she is 6 months! We love her so much and she is best friends with her sister Bella (now Arya) that we adopted from you guys 2 years ago.

Will (Fury) and
Copper (Duncan)
I woke up in the middle of the night and Will had his arm around Copper.

Pupdate!! Bruno has really grown this year and he is now his person's service dog! What a sweet boy

Adopted Marley (aka Ester Sue) in March 2013...2 years later...spoiled rotten 🐾

Troop was with us for quite awhile before he found the perfect foster home that turned into the perfect home. He then got a lil' brother who's grown quite a bit too lol. We love these stories

It was a year ago today that we adopted diesel. I'm so grateful, he's my partner in crime. Wouldn't know what to do without him!!

I just wanted to let you know that Aurora (now known as Blanche) is still super outgoing and knows no stranger. She loves sleeping on her back, drowning her toys in the water bowl, and playing fetch. She loves her Byron, he mostly loves her back.

In honor of National Dog Day I want to share a pupdate of my sweet little Meatloaf! I adopted him from you all a little over 2 1/2 years ago. The large pic on the left is the picture posted of him when he was up for adoption. He is my first furbaby and I never would have guessed that I could love a dog so much!! Thank you Kentucky SAVE for all that you do!!

The puppy grew....a little. Lady Mary was adopted in November.

We adopted Lilly in August 2015. She has been such a joy. She loves her toys, bones, and food. She "talks" to us to tell us she is so glad we came home or that it's time to go outside. Thank you Kentucky SAVE for the work you do and for our Lilly.

This is Miss Peggy Sue loving her new home with us in Upstate New York. Thank you Ellen and all your team for all you do for rescues. We love her.

Adopted my sweet girl Matti from you guys almost 2 years ago, we celebrated her 2nd birthday today with yummy treats and lots of stuffed squeaky toys :) Thank you guys for everything that you do! 🐶 ❤️

Pupdate Teddy AKA Bernie is doing great and is very entertaining lol, I love this Pup